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Your Source Chiropractic Oakland Team

The Source Chiropractic Oakland has one of the most diverse health care teams in the Bay Area. With a variety of techniques and approaches, every patient can have their needs met by our eclectic team. 

With specialties in Sports Chiropractic, Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Pediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic, Medicare Chiropractic, and Long Term Corrective Chiropractic our team has the ability to help people of all ages, sizes, and severities. 

We look forward to getting to know you.

Dr. Jordan Fairley

Family and Sports Chiropractor - Owner

The owner of The Source Chiropractic! He is here to help connect, acknowledge and guide a path for people looking to break free from repetitive stuck patterns to a life of empowerment and greater health.


As a collegiate distance runner and survivor of a near fatal car accident Dr. Jordan loves helping people overcome a wide array of sports injuries and long standing problems; to get back to a life that brings fulfillment and joy.

He's had multiple miraculous chiropractic healing stories; including first seeing a chiropractor after fracturing his spine at 10 years old. Tearing his hamstring in the NCAA Track and Field Championships after a failed sciatica diagnosis from Physical Therapists, and driving off a 60' cliff which left him fractured, twisted and unable to pursue his running. 

Dr. Jordan loves helping people feel heard, giving people exercises and stretches to do on their own, and letting people know they don't have to resort to pills or surgery in order to heal.

Dr. Jordan Fairley - Owner of The Source

Dr. Malcolm Young

Family and Sports Chiropractor 

Dr. Malcolm Young - The Source Chiroprac

Dr. Claudia Catalan

Bay Area native Dr. Claudia started her own Chiropractic healing journey healing from migraines and depression.


Being first generation Doctor she especially loves working with Latinx population by being the bridge in español to a representation of higher life expression.


Her mission is to connect people back to be the artist of their lives and live healthy, empowered and fulfilled lives.

Dr. Claudia has a soft caring and thorough approach who uses a variety of techniques to help people from a range of pregnant mothers, kids, and hard working laborers. 

Family Chiropractor - Yo hablo español

Dr. Claudia Catalan - The Source Chiropr

Dr. Malcolm's sole purpose is to facilitate the healing process by detecting and correcting the major internal interference to the expression of LIFE; so people can be reconnected to their inherent power.


Dr. Malcolm had a double hip surgery as a teenager and has since shown what is possible when focused on improving his function.


With a Doctorate & Master’s in Sports Chiropractic Dr. Malcolm has worked with people of all ages, sizes, and ability levels from high performing athletes, to kids, geriatrics, and people who also have undergone major surgeries.

With a loving and energetic approach Dr. Malcolm is personable and strong. An empowering voice for those who have come from challenging upbringings Dr. Malcolm strives to help people know they can overcome, they can heal, and they can succeed. 

Dr. Brendan Collins-Bride

Family and Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Brendan is a Bay Area native whose passion is to serve others in creating healthy relationships with their mind, brain, body, and soul.


His purpose is to reconnect those back to knowing they are more than enough and capable of expressing their healthiest and most authentic version of themselves.

Originally from Alameda, Dr. Brendan grew up with a love for sports. His influence in the community ranges from helping young athletes, to people with persistent mental health challenges.

Dr. Brendan uses a combination of a soft approach, caring demeanor, and desire to help people truly understand all facets of their health.

Dr. Brendan Collins-Bride - The Source C

Your Front Desk Team

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Patient Experience Liaison

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Alaina Martin Chiropractic Assistant


Office Space Coordinator


Chiropractic Assistant


Chiropractic Assistant

Yo hablo español
Yo hablo español

Your Massage Therapy Team

We currently have massage available
on Monday - Friday

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